WallCooler 2.1.300

Access and control your home PC from another computer

WallCooler gives your the power to easily access and use all of your applications and files in real time on any remote computer or network, as well as stay connected with your digital life by listening to anything stored on your remote PCs.

Overcome the boundaries of geography, space and time: stay tuned with your digital life like never before.

Full VPN: small & powerful

All the features of a full hardware VPN solution.

Access remote LAN and local networks at the same time (no need to switch).

Access office LANs from anywhere

Full access to the remote LANs, as if you were connected via a network cable.

Connect to remote resources or servers using either a DNS/Netbios name or an IP address.

Access home computers

WallCooler is bi-directional: each computer running WallCooler has access to the remote networks.

Thus home computers are accessible with WallCooler and an Internet connection.

No configuration: 100% software

Works with existing firewall & router settings (No need to configure your corporate firewall, router, nating.



WallCooler 2.1.300